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Wiki sites are a form of social software that allow all to contribute under the control of the community. Good people, with good thoughts, are encouraged to share their ideas with others. Bad people, with hurtful thoughts, are encouraged to go away.

Information on a Wiki site does not start out as authoritative. The software makes no attempt check the accuracy and stature of the person who shares information. The information presented is corrected and refined by peers. This is peer review on a grand scale, in that the community can be worldwide.

The Wiki Wiki concept started with Ward Cunningham in 1995. The concept, however, goes back to some early work at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1972! Here is the original, and still quite active, Wiki site in Portland, Oregon.

Another successful Wiki is the Meatball Wiki site, started in April 2000 by Sinir Shah, a Masters student at the University of Toronto.

The most successful Wiki today is the Wikipedia Project, a huge encyclopedia, generated by the citizens of the world. It even has a page for quality management systems. However, the page is incomplete. It needs someone to add QMS principles for the rest of the world to see. [hint]

Here's a link to more than you probably wish to know about the Wiki: As the title implies, you will find information aimed at the new comer.

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